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Innovative thoughts and creativity aren’t as easy to captivate as one may think, though there are some stimulants, pharmaceutical products and even precursors which have change the way in which humans perceive the universe around them. A safer alternative route to these synthetic products is delta 9 tetra hydra cannabinol however considering the difficulty in passing legislation some curious intellectuals (much like the ones reading this article) will find there is short supply not of the actual product rather with regard to the legal permissiveness of marijuana in general. Recently, the states of Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational usage of the drug however recent journalism has indicated a positive direction for possible federal reconsideration. According to the Puget Sound Washington Business Journal, there is early talk for more federal analysis over this harmless herb.


Based on the news article, the recreational drug is still illegal federally however with the newly elected state attorney general Bob Ferguson initiating productive conversation about the legal state of marijuana, there is optimism in that marijuana will be legally reconsidered in the future given certain political/economic understandings of the repercussions of permitting the enlightening herb in the hands of the public.

FACTS from the Drug War – Flyer

Actual Drug Kit From the 60’s


Drug kit displaying marijuana cigarettes, roaches, roach clip, hashish, etc. Circa 1960’s.

Marijuana Motivational Poster: Friendship

Comic: Drug Irony

Demotivational Stoner Poster

Change We Can Believe In

Source: FreakingNews. Change we can believe in.

Cap’n Chronic Spoof

Patients are Thankful for Cannabis Treatment



Many patients would have trouble having a wholesome thanksgiving without the treatment from cannabis.

“Retro” Marijuana Poster: Can’t We All Just Get a Bong?



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