How to Make Pot Butter Basic Overview

How to make Cannabis Butter

Cannabis is not only used for treating various ailments, there are several food items that are made with the cannabis or marijuana plant. It is not very difficult to make cannabis butter. You just need a few ingredients and the proper step by step recipe to make the perfect cannabis butter. Not just butter, you can also make cakes, oil and even liqueur with cannabis leaves. For making the cannabis butter which is also called cannabutter, pot butter, and even marijuana butter. It is the presence of cannabinoids in the butter that prompted humans to invent the cannabis butter. The following are the list of the items you will need to make cannabis butter.

The list of Ingredients to make the Cannabis butter

To make the cannabis butter, you do not need too many ingredients. The ingredients required are simple and very easily available. They are:

  • 1lbs of preferably unsalted butter. If you want to make more or less quality, use your discretion to choose the quantity accordingly.
  •  2 cups of water for 1 lbs of butter. You will need more or less water according to the quantity that you make.
  • The main item is of course the cannabis, without which your butter is incomplete. You can choose from high, low or medium quality cannabis, depending on your budget and taste. However, if you want the best quality Cannabis butter, you will need the high quality cannabis.

These three ingredients and you are sorted for your cannabis butter preparation. Now, you cannot make cannabis butter in all kinds of utensils. So, you will need some special and specialized utensils which are again listed below for your ease and better understanding.

Materials you need for making Cannabis butter

Simple everyday materials are usually sufficient to make Cannabis butter. In case you do not have any one of them in your house, either borrow it from your neighbor or your friends and family before you start making it. You do not want to hinder your process of making Cannabis butter just because you forgot to get a utensil. The following utensils are necessary to make the cannabis butter.

  • You need a sturdy mixer grinder or some other kind of strong grinder which will allow you to help properly pulverize it.
  • You need a cup, not very big to measure the correct amount of water.
  • A bowl to hold the butter before it is melted and whisked.
  • Preferably an electric stirrer which will help you mix the contents in the bowl without much effort from your side. However, if you do not have one, a large spoon or even a fork will work fine. You will just need to put a little more pressure from your end.
  • Fine cloth or cheese cloth to drain the water out of the content. You can use a fine strainer too.
  • You need a cooler or a refrigerator to make your cannabis butter. So make sure you have either one running.
  • You will also need a sauce pan for making your cannabis butter. You can use the regular ones that you use to make other things. You can also use a double boiler, but the process there is obviously much more complicated than a simple pan and a spatula or a frying spoon.

Do not expect to make cannabis butter in a hurry, especially if you are making it for the first time. The time of cooking depends to a great extent on the amount of cannabis in your dish. At times if your quantity is around 30 gm or more, you will need around 20-24 hours or more to make the cannabis butter. If the quantity is lesser, like around 10-12 gms, you might need any amount of time, ranging from 12 hours to 20 hours. Keep time for a few trials and errors. Now, with all the ingredients ready in front of you and all the necessary materials washed and ready to use, start with the process of making the cannabis butter. Here is the recipe of cannabis butter.

The Recipe of Cannabis Butter

  1. Your first task is to put your cannabis pieces to the mixer grinder and grind them well. Remember it should be even finer that powdered coffee. So, make sure they are grinded really really well. This is a very important process in the making of the cannabis butter.
  2. Next, take the sauce pan and pour two cups of water in it with the measuring cup. Now bring it to boil and add the unsalted butter to the water. Keep your oven flame low and let the water and the butter simmer for some time. Let this process continue till the water has almost evaporated and you have thick melted butter.
  3. Now, add the finely pulverized cannabis into the butter and the water mixture. It is here that the importance of fine grinding comes into play. Unless they are fine, the cannabis powder will not blend properly. Immediately after you pour the powder, use the electronic stirrer or your large spoon to whisk and blend properly so that there are no clumps that are formed. Clumps will destroy the texture of the cannabis butter.
  4. Let this entire solution simmer at minimum heat for 20 or 24 hours as required. However, this does not mean to keep it to boil and forget about it. Keep a track on the butter, if the water is not sufficient, your cannabis butter will burn even before it is made. Add a few cups of water if you feel the quantity is less.
  5. Do not keep the simmering going for more than 24 hours. Ut will become bitter if kept to boil for more than the prescribed time.
  6. Now, turn your stove off and let the solution cool down for 5 minutes
  7. Take the strainer or the cheese cloth to drain off the solution and have the smaller lumps out of it.
  8. Cool the solution and put it in the refrigerator for the cannabis butter to form. Thus, your butter is ready when it has cooled down.

A more detailed tutorial is in the works.


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