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Many patients would have trouble having a wholesome thanksgiving without the treatment from cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Basics in the United States

Marijuana or cannabis might give you a creepy feeling and the thought of a business, based on the medical marijuana paradigm, might make you ponder it’s legality, profitability, and risk in medical states. Well, if you do have questions regarding the legal aspect of a business in marijuana, you’ve come to the write resource. Of course, you can start up a business of marijuana for medical purposes and not for selling it as a narcotic drug – in state’s that have medical marijuana laws. However, when you are dealing with something so potentially dangerous in risk as marijuana or cannabis, you have got to be on the right side of your state’s law.

The State of the Legal Aspect of Marijuana Business in USA

While the Controlled Substances Act has banned the sale or possession of marijuana or the cannabis plant, some state governments have allowed sell, possession, and distribution for medical use. Barrack Obama, however, has recently cracked-down on statewide legalization of medical marijuana., busting dozens of dispensaries in California, Colorado, and other states. California was the first state which legalized marijuana sale and clinics, back in 1996, but for nonprofit reasons. It was the Compassionate Use Act of 1966 which gave California the right to allow patients to grow marijuana in their houses for personal use, but only after a doctor has prescribed them. To prevent the misuse and proliferation of clinics which would prescribe marijuana for anybody who was willing to pay them, the State law has issued that the sale should be just for medical purposes. With the new Government’s decision to not criminally charge the marijuana medical clinics, many states like Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and several other states have started the legal business of marijuana sale and prescription, however, apparently for medicinal purposes. In totality, there are 16 states in the United States of America that have been given the license to deal with the sale of marijuana or cannabis. The reason why state governments have taken this step towards marijuana sale and production owes to the fact that marijuana can be used as a drug to treat various ailments like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, AIDS , arthritis, the side effects that are caused by chemotherapy sessions or medication and several other ailments.

Legal Implications in Selling Marijuana or Cannabis Plant:

Though laws are being made to relax the sale of marijuana or cannabis, the legalities are not easily handled. Some states have decriminalized marijuana, some have allowed medical use, some both – others have made no progress whatsoever. You cannot just decide one fine day to open a marijuana business, obvious. To begin with, state laws in the United States of America do not allow marijuana clinic to sell marijuana on a storefront basis in many states. More importantly, cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug according to the DEA, and is banned on a federal level in the United States. If you want to sell marijuana, you have to go through the legal process of registering as an outlet which sells legal marijuana in your state. This process differs on a state by state basis, and some states are more friendly to medical marijuana than others. Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Waashington are all medical states as of 2011. In some states like California, the patients are allowed to grow marijuana on a small space just for self use. And before you do that, you have to get yourself a license that makes your endeavor a legal one. The following is a brief overview for getting the license based on the California model. Actual processes may differ depending on your state of residence.

How to Get a License for Selling and Distribution of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

In the states which allow marijuana sale for medical purposes, you have to get a state authorized license that will help you in case there is a sudden federal raid. Different states have different processes for getting the license. You need to fill up an application form with all the necessary details and all the documents that they ask of you. Even if you are a patient who needs to grow marijuana for personal use or if you want to be a registered distributor, you have to get a letter from the doctor, implying why you need to grow marijuana, what your purposes are and sign documents which ban you from promoting or selling marijuana on a large sale or for illegal purposes. The government is very strict with the untoward sale of marijuana or cannabis and if you are caught in any illegal dealings, you can get imprisonment and other punishments. You will also need an identification card that to make yourself a part of the Marijuana medical business. To avail the identification card, you need the license, your identity proof, your residency proof and a nominal fee of a few dollars. This when passed, you are free to indulge in your own little marijuana garden. But be careful always to be well versed with the ever changing marijuana laws and never do something beyond what the law entails you to do.

Thus, these are the details about the legal marijuana or cannabis business for medical purposes and the steps that are involved in this entire process.

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